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Our Programs



Building a collaborative team

for every member that includes families, attorneys, school counselors, probation, mentors, and mental health professionals.


the needs of each member to include housing, trauma, substance use treatment, family reunification, counseling, employment, education and requirements of probation.

Planning goals for the future 

Immediate and long term. Immediate goals include, basic identification, passport, drivers license and social security card. Long-term goals include financial aid for college (Free Application for Federal Student Aid, also known as FAFSA), vocational training, and internships. Immediate- practical, Long-term- permission to dream and set goals.

Identifying strengths and obstacles

Working with each individual to create a strength based approach to reduce risk and strengthen protective factors.

Therapeutic Services pre-release

Based on research recognizing the importance of continuity of care, therapists and social workers who work together to create an individualized comprehensive plan for re-entry, and continue to follow each member until their successful completion of probation.


“Walk Through Life” Approach


Mentoring and Support

Providing mentorship by those who have been system impacted.

Building leaders by recognizing that our members are our future leaders and most important stakeholders.

Empowering youth building capacity and giving voice to our young community members by investing resources in training and education opportunities.


Holistic Mental Health Services


Trauma Specific therapy services  

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy




Trauma Informed Yoga

Meditation and Mindfulness

Emotional Freedom Technique


Vocational Training & Education

Vocational training pre- & post-release

In an innovative approach, based on research, planning and assisting transitional aged youth access to vocational training “behind the walls” in preparation for release and integration into communities equipped with skills. Link to original research article here.


Groundbreaking education services for previous and current incarcerated youth through collaboration with Chapman University on-site.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) assistance for college

California Dream Act Application for undocumented potential college students


Intensive Case Management Services

Identification acquisition

Passport acquisition (Matrícula Consular)

Driver’s license test preparation for written and “behind the wheel” test

Navigating legal obligations through probation/parole compliance and court dates

Employment services: creating resumes and mock interviews, learning to navigate search platforms

Basic Needs & Supplies: clothing, hygiene, shoes, backpacks, groceries.


Policy and Advocacy

Informing, educating, and empowering members to actively participate in the area of public policy in order to create leaders who shape, build, and impact community.

Narrative building and Story Telling to reduce stigma of previously incarcerated and adjudicated youth as well as to promote change and reform.

Creating platforms of communication for members through art, poetry and digital media.

Collaborating with established organizations throughout the state to create systemic change.